sudo insults

An interesting sudo feature is the ability to insult you when you type a wrong password. It has really funny phrases, see some of them:

  • I’ve seen penguins that can type better than that.
  • Maybe if you used more than just two fingers…

On Ubuntu, this feature comes disabled by default. To enable it, edit /etc/sudoers file and put “insults” word in the end of line “Defaults…”. That line will look like this:

Defaults !lecture,tty_tickets,!fqdn,insults

That’s it! Just run the sudo command and type a wrong password.

9 thoughts on “sudo insults”

  1. if you want this to work on a mac you need to have sudo compiled with insults.
    on macports that means installing the insults variant of sudo, as in:
    $ sudo port install sudo +insults

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