tsclient: on the road

tsclient (taken from about dialog): Terminal Server Client is a frontend for rdesktop, vncviewer, wfica and xnest.

With it you can connect into a windows (rdp) or *nix (vnc) machine in an easy way. There also is a panel applet, which lets you connect quickly (just one click is necessary) into pre-configured machines.

It is a great tool, mainly in a networked environment. Its interface is very similar to that found on windows operating system. This is particularly cool for window users, they don’t have to learn how to use a new, different program.

I just started helping on tsclient development. I hope to improve this software, which i use every day in my work.

It has now a page on Sourceforge, with svn and bug tracking. So, bug reports and patches are more than welcome!

8 thoughts on “tsclient: on the road”

  1. Is it possible to build NX client support into tsclient? I believe there is a Free implementation of the client libs floating around somewhere. The official NX client is great, but not open.

  2. John, first of all, keep the good work, and thank you for your efforts. Just a simple question … is there some way to redirect local printers using TSClient ? I couldn´t find it … I think this feature will be very useful, because I´m working on replacing Windows terminals with Ubuntu, and the users are used to print on their local printer transparently. Now the only way I could do it is using RDesktop directly with the -r option, but loosing the GUI, and the error display in case of connection failure.

  3. Hey, the homepage for the project is down, does this bode ill for the project as a whole? Is it still being actively developed?

    Would be a pity to drop it short of doing the sound/disks/printer redirection work is complete.

  4. no map printer in terminal client ubuntu compare to remote desktop in windows xp there in a map sound printer and drive in remote desktop local resources

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