Hidden features of vino (remote desktop access)

  • You can change the port (default is 5900), by setting the keys use_alternative_port and alternative_port;
  • You can reject connections from the network and allow only those from localhost (useful for who wish to exclusively use a tunneling mechanism to access the server, such as ssh), by setting the key local_only;

Keys mentioned above are located at /desktop/gnome/remote_access tree in gconf (You can use gconf-editor program)

We are in a discussion about to include or not these options in configuration applet (vino-preferences). If you have any opinion about this, let us know by commenting on bug 361891.

11 thoughts on “Hidden features of vino (remote desktop access)”

  1. The keys dont seem to make any difference on Gutsy (I restarted the system just to be sure). I set both keys but vino is still listening on 5900 (and not on the alternate port).

  2. one just needs to open gconf-editor through a command line terminal and then navigate to the configuration one wants to change

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