tsclient 0.150 released

It has some fixes and translation updates. See the Changelog for a complete list.

Download and Changelog

PS: This is hopefully the last version before a completely rewritten. I just started a new version more integrated with GNOME, using libvncclient directly instead of just being a frontend to vncviewer.

11 thoughts on “tsclient 0.150 released”

  1. Nice! I use tsclient ALL THE TIME to connect to the windows boxes I have to manage, and a couple legacy *nix boxes that we manage graphically via VNC. yeah, I know, don\\\’t ask. Anyway, any improvements to tsclient will make my life better, so if you need a hand testing something, let me know!

    Aside: Your captcha image is being served as a content-type of \

  2. captcha aside continued: the content type “application/jpeg” is not allowed by restrictive corporate firewalls, so your captcha image may not be showing up for a number of people. Changing it to “application/jpg” instead will get it through most of them.

  3. Yay! I love to hear that tsclient finally will be rewritten. Btw, I think you should come up with a new name for new tsclient. The current name is a bit alienated and hard to remember. How about making a poll and ask every1 for a good name?

    And I am looking forward to seeing more Tango bling bling in the new release.

  4. Complete rewrite? Hopefully the most critical features will be in the upcoming version! Yeah, I’m talking about rootless operation and kerberos authentication (critical features for all larger setups).

  5. Hi, I have made a port of SDLvncviewer (client example of LibVNCServer) to GTK+2. I am using it at work. I plan to post it on Patch Tracking of LibVNCServer SF site tonight, if possible. If you are insterested, take a look there later.

  6. I’m trying to change one of the resolutions in the list. I want a custom resolution of 1270×720. I tried changing it on lines 632 and 633 of the rdpfile.c on the source code. But i get the default resolution 800×600 instead. Coul you help me a little bit and point me where i need to change the resolution on the source code to add another one?

  7. Hello,
    When I run sudo ./configure, I get this error:
    checking for PACKAGE… configure: error: Package requirements (libpanelapplet-2.0) were not met:

    No package ‘libpanelapplet-2.0’ found

    I checked and it appears to be installed but cannot get past this. I also have an error running make:
    make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.


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