ANNOUNCE: Vinagre 0.5 (aka 2.22)


I have just released Vinagre – VNC Client for GNOME – 0.5 today. This release is officially part of GNOME Desktop 2.22.

There were no major changes since 0.4; most work was bug fixing and polish.

What’s new in 0.5:

  • Documentation, thanks to Vinicius Depizzol and Jaap A. Haitsma;
  • Man page, thanks to Emilio Pozuelo Monfort;
  • GNOME-VFS was replaced by the new GIO;
  • Support for vnc:// URL’s: clicking will open Vinagre;
  • Many bugs fixed;
  • Interface translated into more than 40 languages.

Thanks to all people who have contributed with this release, specially the gtk-vnc gang 😉 !

22 thoughts on “ANNOUNCE: Vinagre 0.5 (aka 2.22)”

  1. When will Vinagre support VNC 4 servers? I recently tried to out the Hardy 5 alpha and was disappointed when I couldn’t connect to a windows machine that is running the latest version of RealVNC with a simple password. I’ve been connecting fine with vnc4viewer that comes with gutsy. In the end, I had to set it to only use VNC 3 settings on the server before I could get Vinagre to connect. This seems like a pretty big limitation. When will version 4 be supported? If I did something wrong, please let me know. I’d love for this to be a configuration issue.

  2. hej hej jonh,
    any plans to switch numbering to the gnome versioning system? it makes life of distributions and release-team easier if the next unstable release for GNOME 2.23.1 series would be called vinagre 0.23.1 (or 2.23.1). 🙂

    thanks for consideration,

  3. Does vinagre support’s ultra vnc windows authentication (login / password).
    If not. Any plans of supporting it ?
    Thanks in advance and congratulations ! It’s a honour to see brazucas involved in projects like this and getting visibility.

  4. @Geraldo: No, I haven’t thought about this yet… you’re the first person who asks for such feature. I’ll take a look at it, but, I can say: UltraVNC sucks!

    BTW, Feel free to open a bug in requesting that.

    Thank you!

  5. John, would you consider to put some options to your software, such as compression, screen size, resolution etc. i have a 1440*900 screen desktop which i really have hard time to connect from my laptop which has lower resolution. i had big problems with xvncviewer, i tried your software with hardy beta however i couldn’t manage to connect.

  6. John said, “UltraVNC sucks!” (oops, sorry about the previous post)

    I’ve been putting UltraVNC servers on all the Windows computers. For the most part it’s been working well for me, except for clipboard support.

    I’d sure like to know why you feel that way, what sucks about it? What would you recommend I use instead? Why is it better?

    I’m not trying to troll here, I’d just like to have the best servers installed on my hodge-podge network. You’re bound to have a good perspective on such things having worked on them so much. And I very much appreciate your efforts!

  7. I just read about ubunto 8.04 whch led me to vinagre, which led me here.

    I have been in the software dev world since 1972 but only early experience with unix on pdp 1134s. Since then all IBM clones with dos and windows.

    If I understand vinagre correctly. I could set up a windows 2003 server. Then put a bunch of employees on ubunto systems with vinagre they could all remote desktop to the one server. I would not have to buy XP boxes for them. Is this correct

  8. @Dan: Yes, you are right. What you need is a RDP client. Vinagre currently only supports VNC. It is planned for next version the support for RDP connections.

    Right now you can access RDP servers with rdesktop/tsclient.

  9. @jimcooncat: I understand you. I talked about UltraVNC, but many VNC servers do not respect the RFB specification.

    Basically what I mean is: There is a protocol specification, but UltraVNC breaks it, when, for instance, it tells that its version is 3.6, where the existent versions are 3.3, 3.7 and 3.8. There is even other servers which reports version 4.0!

    But do not worry, we want to be compatible with most VNC servers around. If you have some trouble with your VNC server, fill a bug and we will investigate.

  10. Thanks, Jonh. Do you have a favorite windows server, or are you saying it doesn’t really matter, we’ll keep up? BTW, good luck with RDP support!

    Dan, I’ve been buying dumb, small, quiet thin clients for $125 US that can do VNC, RDP, or LTSP. It’s the way to go, IMHO. Ubuntu 8.04 has lots of tricks, and you’ll be able to run Win2003 under KVM. Lots of neat tricks available this way using Ubuntu to firewall, run dnsmasq to speed up internet lookups, install web caching software, even host linux programs to your clients with xming.

    If you haven’t picked a server yet, get yourself a newer AMD box and pump up the ram to 3GB. (AMD over Intel, as you don’t have to worry about BIOS being enabled, and other concerns.) Make sure you have a gigabit ethernet card and hook it to a switch that has a gigabit jack — the rest going to the clients can be 100MB. You should be able to run a small office or department off that. Best wishes!

  11. Hi John, since I discover your applicatio: I ask me how I can leave without it before !! 🙂
    I did not find your wish list for vinagre, so I ask hear if it’s possible to have some tree with signets to the left ?

    My point is after 2 days I have more than 10 signets, will be hundred in a few weeks … 🙁
    anyway to manage them with categories ?

    Really thank you !!

    Good day,

  12. Hi have just tried the version of vinagre provided by ubuntu jaunty. (22 aug 2009).

    As usual I am disappointed with the unavailability of a very simple feature that I find with software such as microsofts remote desktop. That is, letting you know (once you are there) how to exit full screen mode.

    Same issue with tsclient. If i mistakenly go into full screen mode and forget to look up the key combination for exiting it, the only way of getting back my desktop is to ctrl-f3, and kill it. The pop up window controls that microsoft remote desktop provides (at the top of the screen) is a simple solution to this. Surely, if microsoft can do it, you can do it too?

    Also, I noticed, (sorry to mention a real problem) that I wasn’t anyway able to exit full screen mode (even though i did look up the key combination). It didn’t work. Anyone else had this problem?

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