Vinagre and other news|Vinagre e outras notícias

Hi, folks.

Some news in Vinagre since 0.5 version (GNOME 2.22):

  • Basic support for scaling, based on OpenGL
  • Side panel shows both bookmarked connections and avahi-discovered machines
  • New command-line option to debug the connection: –gtk-vnc-debug
  • View-only mode
  • Send CTRL-ALT-DEL option
  • Unique instance behaviour with a command-line option (–new-window) to open another window
  • Don’t show tabs if there is only one connection active
  • Support for host::port command-line syntax
  • Connect dialog now remembers previous host/port address
  • New toolbar in fullscreen mode. It appears when you move the mouse to the top of the window
  • Panel applet, with quick access to bookmarks and avahi-discovered machines
  • Better compatibility with more VNC servers

Latest Vinagre is 2.23.4 and can be found at GNOME FTP servers.

In other news, I’m ready to GUADEC (or almost ready, still have to draw my presentation).
I’m looking forward to meet all GNOME crowd.

Next Friday I’m going to São Paulo, just for the weekend, enjoy some cold days, thanks to GOL, an Brazilian airline which is offering tickets for about US$ 5.00 (JFYI, Maceió, where I live-São Paulo is distance of 2500Km)!!! Unbelievable!

Olá, pessoal.

Algumas novidades do Vinagre desde a versão 0.5 (GNOME 2.22):

  • Suporte inicial ao redimensionamento de tela, baseado em OpenGL
  • Painel lateral mostra os marcadores e máquinas descobertas pelo avahi
  • Nova opção de linha de comando para fins de tratamento de erros: –gtk-vnc-debug
  • Modo somente-leitura
  • Opção para envio de CTRL-ALT-DEL
  • Única instância do aplicativo rodando. Nova opção de linha de comando (–new-window) para abrir uma nova janela
  • Não mostra abas se só existe uma conexão ativa
  • Suporte a sintaxe máquina::porta na linha de comando
  • A janela de nova conexão agora lembra as máquinas/portas digitadas anteriormente
  • Nova barra de ferramentas na tela cheia. Ela aparece automaticamente quando você move o mouse para o topo da tela
  • Applet para o painel do GNOME. Acesso rápido aos marcadores e às máquinas descobertas pelo avahi.
  • Melhor compatibilidade com servidores VNC

A versão atual do Vinagre é a 2.23.4, e pode ser encontrada nos servidores FTP do GNOME.

Em outras notícias, estou pronto para o GUADEC (ou quase pronto, ainda falta escrever minha apresentação). Muito ancioso pra conhecer toda a galera do GNOME!

Próxima sexta tô indo pra São Paulo, passar somente o fim de semana, curtir uns dias frios! Graças a GOL, que vendeu passagens de Maceió pra lá por R$9,00!! Inacreditável!

18 thoughts on “Vinagre and other news|Vinagre e outras notícias”

  1. That sounds really cool. Do you have any plans for NX support? I wish I could drop my old NX client and use something better integrated with gnome.


  2. Hi, nice new features! the menu bar on the fullscreen mode is really helpful.

    few things that are annoying:

    1. The keys aren’t all mapped to the client screen, if I need the “F9” on the remote desktop, it can’t user it because the F9 key is the bookmark key. We should be able to bind all the keys to the remote desktop.

    2. Vinage isn’t as fast as xtightvncviewer, I think xtightvnxviewer uses a better color compression.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. > Don’t show tabs if there is only one connection active

    Please make this optional. I am used to see tabs even if I have only one open in gedit and epiphany.

  4. @Johan: There is the plan to support NX, but RDP is priority to me.

    @baze: Yes, you’re right.

    @Romain: This is fixed in this version too.

    @Fabian: This is optional. There’s a gconf key where you can change this behavior. Maybe I’ll add a preferences window to control such features.

  5. Hi!

    I’m looking forward to working on this new release, many thanks John. The last version of Vinagre fit in really well with my Virtual Appliance’s build of Xfce-4.4 and GNOME-2.22. Regarding VNC server compatibility; does this also include Apple VNC servers? I remember way back I had to horribly hack GTK-VNC to force protocol 3.3 sessions. Apple’s VNC reports version 3.889 but it’s only 3.3 compatible so GTK-VNC didn’t deal with that too gracefully (and it’s not GTK-VNC’s fault for following the VNC spec properly, is it?)

    Once again, thanks; Vinagre and GTK-VNC look and run great over NX protocol in a seamless window.


  6. Hi Jonh

    I use your excellent and esay to use vinagre every day to support a lot of windows clients in our office network. As I have now at least one hundred bookmarks of machines it would be very nice if you could add an option to sort the whole bookmark list alphabetically!

    Keep up the good work! Greetings from Switzerland



  7. It is good to hear that you have plans to support RDP, the only thing that we miss then is ICA support, but that would probably be a bit hard since it is closed source 🙁

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Can I use vinagre over the Internet to support a user 500 miles away? I have managed to get it working over a LAN and it is great! Just need to do the same thing over a WAN.

  9. I’m running v2.24.1 under Ubuntu 2.6.27-9 connecting to a Windows XP Pc running Opera.
    Every time I close tabbed window within the browser (^W) it kills Vinagre.

    how do I remap Vinagre keys


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