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  1. I believe you want the FSF, they have saint and all kinds of religious crap. They are even just as annoying as born-again door knockers

  2. $ sudo updatedb
    $ locate church

    $ cd /home/bin/
    $ ./church –query “Meaning of life” –database god
    To love one another…..

    $ init 0

  3. Your name really is jonh!? Not John? What the purpose of the h at the end.

    Churches are an insult to god! The whole universe is god’s “church”, temples, like churches are human’s ostentation of devotion for god. A sign of hypocrisy!

    They even called them sacred in opposition to the rest of the planet as if god’s creation was worthless. Hypocrites!

    You want a church? Go outside, see the world…

    And stop pretending to believe in foolishness.

    Stop following liars, ie prophets, demagogues, religious leaders.

    Surrender yourself directly to god. Cut the middleman!

    As for moral compass you already have one: your conscience. God gave it you, make use of it instead letting others telling you what to do.

  4. Já que eu não sou burro e levando em conta que todos procuraram pela “igreja” no seu sistema, eu encontrei várias, por sinal elas pertencem a jogos, então talvez não existam mesmo!

    flamarion@arvore:~$ locate church

    church found!!!

  5. What is wrong with you intolerant fools? If you want others to respect your choices, please politely respect others.

    I’m quite secular, but I don’t feel the need to make a fool of myself by being rude and belligerent.

  6. No!

    1. There is plenty out there for religious people already, including religiously themed distros. If you want this I suggest you go help out with existing projects.

    2. To make the desktop a friendly place by default it is necessary to leave out this kind of dogmatic information. Religion, which ever one you choose, would offend at least as many users as would like it.

  7. “”””
    Churches are an insult to god! The whole universe is god’s “church”, temples, like churches are human’s ostentation of devotion for god. A sign of hypocrisy!

    You need to relax and learn to think clearer. If people think that Churches are built to house god and your worshiping a building or worshiping what is contained inside of a building then that is a violation of the ten commandments. This is pretty much worshiping false idols and making graven images. There are a lot of bad churches and temples out there that do exactly this sort of thing…

    But churches server a important function as a place for people to learn and gather in worship then that is a _good_ thing. It’s a important social function. Thinking that God does not approve of this use of a building in this way just means your kinda nuts.

    Temples/Churches can also be seen as houses built _for_ God. To honor him and to serve a important function in study and meditation for the worshipers. NOT to _contain_ God, but to honor him.

    Put a little effort into reading the Bible should pay off in huge dividends for understanding things like this. Especially the Old Testiment. What do you think that King Solomon’s temple is about?


    As far as GNU/Linux stuff is concerned:

    ~# apt-cache show bible-kjv|grep Descri
    Description: King James Version of the Bible: user interface program.

    ~# apt-cache show xiphos|grep Descri
    Description: environment for Bible reading, study, and research

    ~# apt-cache show bibletime|grep Descri
    Description: A bible study tool for Qt

    ~# apt-cache search sword|grep SWORD
    libcrypt-mysql-perl – Perl module to emulate the MySQL PASSWORD() function.
    sword-comm-mhcc – Matthew Henry Concise Commentary for SWORD
    sword-comm-pers – Personal Commentary for SWORD
    sword-comm-scofield – Scofield Reference Notes, 1917 edition for SWORD
    sword-comm-tdavid – C. H. Spurgeon’s Treasury of David for SWORD
    sword-dict-naves – Naves Topical Bible for SWORD
    sword-dict-strongs-greek – Strong’s Greek Bible Dictionary for SWORD
    sword-dict-strongs-hebrew – Strong’s Hebrew Bible Dictionary for SWORD
    sword-text-kjv – King James Version with Strongs Numbers for SWORD
    sword-text-sparv – Spanish Reina-Valera Bible (1909) for SWORD
    sword-text-web – World English Bible (WEB) for SWORD


    I suggest strongly to use the ‘Strongs Concordence’ along with the KJV version of the Bible for the most accurate represenations of what is in the Hebrew and Greek texts. Newer stuff like ‘Web Bible’ tries to modernize the English, but fail pretty badly in a lot of the translations causing all sorts of confusion.

    Plus it’s all public domain nowadays. 🙂

    Religion is for the retarded.

    Huh? Don’t mix up religion with understanding. Two different things. Truth sets you free, if it closes you off then it’s not truth.

    Plus bigotry and ignorance is more of a sign of stupidity then anything else. 🙂

    Which is something, I am sure you agree, we are all very guilty of time to time.

  8. “””
    What do you think that King Solomon’s temple is about?

    Actually now that I think about it. Try to find the reference for “Philadelphia” in the Bible. For bonus points figure how many other churches were referenced in the same passages and how many were good and how many were dissaproved of. Just in that same letter to the churches.

    This time new testiment.

  9. Preach it, brother! Though many may have forgotten about it, we must strive to bring back the lambda calculus to the public life in the FOSS community.

  10. root@caffeine:/usr/src/church#CFLAGS=”-O2 -pipe -fPIC” CXXFLAGS=”-O2 -pipe -fPIC” ./configure –prefix=/usr –libdir=/usr/lib64 –sysconfdir=/etc –enable-all-people –enable-direct-in-heart && make && make install

    root@caffeine:/usr/src/church#type church
    church is /usr/bin/church


  11. What do you have in mind? SourceForge has a “Religion and Philosophy” section which you might be interested in:


    I pretty much agree with #15 and #17. Nothing wrong with creating and using such software, as long as it is your choice, but having bible verses periodically pop up (the first item on that SF link, “Acts 20:2”) should absolutely not be the default.

  12. Let’s fix close-minded, humanity hostile, power hungry, greedy and obsolete superstitions instead.


    Thank you.

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