Joining Intel

Today is my last day at Oi WiFi.

It has been 1 year and a half since I moved from my small city (Maceió) to the biggest, craziest Brazilian city, São Paulo. I don’t regret!

I’m lucky to have joined a great company (Vex at the time. Oi WiFi nowadays), with great people where I learnt a lot. I’m glad for the things I helped to improve, I’m sure we have better products than before and I’m proud to be part of that progress. I leave as legacy the spirit of the Free Software, where we can (and should) contribute back to projects we use and improve internally. Every improvement we made here we submitted back to projects like Openwrt, busybox, glib, etc.
However things and priorities in the company have changed a bit in the last few months. Time to look for a new challenge in my career.

What a challenge!

At Intel I’ll join the OTC – Intel Open Source Technology Center, and will work on Open Source projects such as Tizen, EFL, Webkit and hopefully GTK+ 🙂
The team I’ll work with is formed by the former Profusion company, acquired by Intel in the beginning of the year. Profusion was a company that I admired even before it was acquired by Intel 🙂

I’m very excited to join Intel. It’s a great opportunity in a great company and I don’t want to disappoint them!

I hope to publish here very soon the things I’m working on under the Intel umbrella. See you!


#1 Djavan on 05.10.13 at 04:11 PM

Hi Jonh,

Congrats my friend! I’m sure that you’ll make great job at Intel =)

#2 Kenneth Christiansen on 05.10.13 at 04:38 PM

Cool! Nice to have you join our OTC team in Campinas!

#3 Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri on 05.10.13 at 07:16 PM

Hi John,

It would be nice to have you on board! We’ll have some nice stuff to do, and the city is way nicer than São Paulo — particularly if you already lived outside of “Mordor” 🙂

#4 Sergio Prado on 05.11.13 at 12:58 AM

Congratulation Jonh!

May the source be with you!

#5 Lucas Rocha on 05.13.13 at 01:24 PM


#6 Sri Ramkrishna on 05.18.13 at 05:34 PM

Oh man.. looks like I gotta make an account for you now… 🙂

Welcome to Intel, John! Hope to hear from you within the hallowed halls of OTC.