Istio, Service Mesh, Updates

Hello folks! This blog is so quiet lately… I just wanted to give you an update on what I am doing these days. So…

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Istio project

Since December2017 /January 2018 I’ve switched teams at Red Hat, and started working with Istio. Istio is a tool/platform that helps us to deliver micro-services, in a number of different aspects. I intend to write more posts on that. Meanwhile, you can find out more about Istio on their website. Trust me, it’s a wonderful tool to give a look at, if you’re somehow involved or planning to enter in this micro-service world, be you dev or ops :).

So far our work has been mainly in understanding the benefits of Istio when used on top of Kubernetes and Openshift (Red Hat’s improved and supported version of Kubernetes). This means that we have been mostly involved in downstream tasks, like creating CentOS and RHEL RPM binaries and container images, although we are already contributing with upstream, community effort. The plans are to get much more involved in the community in a soonish timeframe.


Last december I attended Kubecon US in Austin, Texas. It was my first immersion on Istio, given there were a IstioCon, a pre-event of Kubecon with a bunch of talks and workshop. Last May I attended Kubecon EU, in Copenhagen, Denmark. All talks are freely available on CNCF channel on YouTube. Check them out! It is definitively a great material to keep up with latest and greatest stuff that’s happening out there, not only in Istio world, but in the whole Kubernetes ecosystem.

Last April I attended a great Brazilian conference – The Developers Conference (TDC) – in Florianópolis and spoke about Container Ecosystem – alternatives to Docker (CRI-O, Buildah, Podman, etc).

In July I’ll be speaking at TDC again, this time in São Paulo. I’ll give two talks about Istio and one on Containers Ecosystem, mostly the same I gave on previous TDC in Florianópolis. This event is already such a success that organizers had to duplicate some tracks in order to be able to handle so many attendees. Therefore, my talks about Istio on the microservices track (Introduction to Service Mesh with Istio) and devops track (How Istio facilitates A/B deployments on micro-services) will be duplicated and I will give two of each, giving a total of 5 talks! I hope to have enough swags for so many talks!

In August I’ll be traveling to Boston, MA to attend the very first Devconf to be held in the US! I’ll be speaking about Istio there as well.

There is more to come, I’d guess, due to the amount of hype and momentum that Istio/Service Mesh is having everywhere.


So, my plans are to blog regularly about the cool stuff we are doing around Istio, and how it can be used to improve the micro-services deployments, making admins and developers’ lives easier!

See you soon!