tsclient: on the road

tsclient (taken from about dialog): Terminal Server Client is a frontend for rdesktop, vncviewer, wfica and xnest.

With it you can connect into a windows (rdp) or *nix (vnc) machine in an easy way. There also is a panel applet, which lets you connect quickly (just one click is necessary) into pre-configured machines.

It is a great tool, mainly in a networked environment. Its interface is very similar to that found on windows operating system. This is particularly cool for window users, they don’t have to learn how to use a new, different program.

I just started helping on tsclient development. I hope to improve this software, which i use every day in my work.

It has now a page on Sourceforge, with svn and bug tracking. So, bug reports and patches are more than welcome!

APTonCD in Feisty’s Repository and Call for Testers

Reproducing a post from a friend who has developed a great tool:

APTonCD is on Feisty’s Universe right now!

This version is a sync of the current development tree (0.0.99+svn20070202) – 0.1 will be released soon. In this version, we have many more new features and bug fixes than the first beta. I hope to release a RC by next week.

The off-line documentation is pretty nice now and very useful, with description of the use as well as some tips and tricks – it can be accessed by the Help button on the GUI. The documentation is not finished yet, but it’s already usable and useful (wait for something in the next few days). Thanks to Rafael Sfair and Victor Jones.

If you’re testing Feisty, try to install the ‘aptoncd’ package (yah, sudo apt-get install aptoncd), use it, and please report any bugs found. Leave your suggestions and comments (which can be done directly by email to me). It will be greatly appreciated.

For non-Feisty users, wait for a RC with packages for Dapper, Edgy and Debian Etch in the next weeks.

This version includes:

  • Support to create a CD/DVD repository with all your installed/downloaded (.deb) packages;
  • Add custom, previously downloaded packages;
  • Create a meta-package for easy reinstallation of all packages;
  • Complete Restore support, restoring the packages back to cache from a media previously created or an .iso image;
  • Auto-select dependencies of the selected packages;

The support to download an entire repository (or specific section of them) is on the way (it’s already done in the current svn repository, and it will be soon on feisty’s repository too).

Visit the product page at Launchpad.net

‘Hello Planet’ and ‘Making a release’

Hi, folks.

I’m Jonh Wendell, a programmer who is discovering the wonderful world of GNOME, and this is my first post to Planet.

After a few months contributing with VINO, i made today my first release (2.17.92), with the help and support from Mark McLoughlin, a very helpful GNOME hacker.

He wrote a very useful page on wiki to help us, beginners on module maintenance.

I hope to contribute in other GNOME modules, in a near future.


Improvements on Vino (GNOME Remote Access Desktop)

Recently i have made some patches to Vino – GNOME Desktop Remote Access. I think it is a very important piece of software in GNOME project, mainly in a enterprise environment.

Let’s consider them as my Christmas gift 🙂

Bug #326827

With this patch, Vino Preferences applet allows only one instance running. I’m using very fresh library gtkUnique to do the dirty job 🙂 – waiting approval to commit.

Bug #319798

Vino-preferences now shows the right display number. I’ve added d-bus capability on vino-server to do this job. – commited.

Bug #154467

This patch adds a notification area icon when there is somebody connected on your desktop. It allows you to disconnect any remote machines – or all of them. – commited.
Vino new notification area icon

Bug #387095

This patch shows a notification bubble in the new notification area icon – using libnotify – when a user connects. – waiting approval to commit.
Notification when a client connects

Merry Christmas!

Let’s remember the true reason of Christmas – the birth of Jesus Christ.